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President's Message

Season Greetings ASHRAE Members:

First, I would like to thank everyone who made the December 9th meeting a great success, especially Dr. Bahnfleth for his detailed presentation on Cool Thermal Storage.

I also would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and would like to thank everyone who has come to the meetings and who has helped by giving their time to make 2009 a terrific year for the Central Pa. ASHRAE Chapter.

For the New Year we have a lot more in store. For our next meeting we will be taking a tour of Johnson Controls new performance Lab. Also, Curt Eichelberger will be giving a presentation on acoustics and LEED.

Coming up March 19th we will be having our family night outing at the Giant Center to see the Hershey Bears and April 14th we will be heading back to ABC for Student Night. In May we will be meeting at Carlisle SynTec to tour their PV Solar installation and hear all about the project.

I hope to see you all at these upcoming meetings and wish you all a Happy New Year.

D. Todd Postlethwait, PE, LEED AP

John Hayden, PE
Rachel Smith
Rebecca Thompson, PE, LEED AP
Mark Tome, PE, HFDP, LEED AP
CTTC (Programs)
Mark Graybill, PE
Education Committee
Thomas Long, PE
Student Activities
Rachel Smith
Research Promotion
Robert Miller
Nathan Potteiger
Andrew Odell
Publicity (Web and Newsletter)
Mark Tome, PE, HFDP, LEED AP

Employment Opportunities

Central PA ASHRAE will publish employment opportunities in the Pennant at a cost of $50/month.  The Pennant is distributed twice each month (September through April) to approximately 500 people.  Contact Mark Tome (717) 845-7654 to have employment opportunities included in the Pennant

Meeting Announcement
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at Johnson Controls
631 South Richland Avenue, York, PA 17403

5:00-5:30 Registrationl
5:30-6:15 Program: Acoustics & LEED
6:15-6:45 Dinner

6:45-8:00 Tour: JCI Acoustical Lab

Johnson Controls AHU Lab Tour

The New AHU Laboratory at the Johnson Controls GRANTLEY TECH CENTER

Johnson Controls recently commissioned a new laboratory for air-handling unit performance and sound measurements in York, PA. The 30,000 ft2 facility houses by far the largest air-handling unit (AHU) sound test facility in the world. The laboratory has the capability for sound power measurements of Air Handling Units (AHU’s) up to 105,000 CFM in accordance with ARI Standard 260. The facility also includes the capability for testing unit air performance in accordance with ARI Standard 430 to 100,000 CFM. These new capabilities are available for both product development testing and for customer witness testing on critical projects. This new facility will enable the development of more energy efficient and quiet air-handling equipment. More important, the test facility will also enhance the accuracy of equipment air and sound predictions that are needed for building information modeling (BIM) tools.

Program – Acoustics & LEED

High performance building design, construction and operation has become a significant focus for many owners, contractors and engineers. As the United States and the International community continue to focus on the impact of buildings on the environment, it must be realized that decisions based on sustainability will also impact Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). While minimizing energy consumption is essential, providing an appropriate acoustical environment for the occupants is vital to ensure worker comfort and productivity.

In 2007, ASHRAE, with support from USGBC and CIBSE, initiated a special project to define the appropriate measurement protocol to quantify the performance of existing buildings. The deliverable is a document titled: Performance Measurement Protocols (PMP) for Commercial Buildings. Curt Eichelberger served as the editor of the PMP acoustics chapter and he will provide an overview of the measurements and criteria needed to define acoustic performance in "green" buildings.

Curt Eichelberger
Sr. Acoustical Engineer
Johnson Controls, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Curt is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 30 years of experience in research, engineering, sales and marketing of products relating to acoustic & vibration technologies. Curt is presently a Sr. Acoustical Engineer at Johnson Control’s building efficiency group, where he is responsible for technology and product development relating to the acoustics of HVAC equipment.

Before joining Johnson Controls, Curt was employed in a variety of positions with Emerson and Bruel and Kjaer instruments, where he was responsible for the sales, marketing and design of acoustic and vibration measurement systems to applications in basic research, product development, quality control and plant maintenance.

From 1974 – 1982 Curt managed a noise control group with Gannet Fleming Environmental Engineering, where he was responsible for over seventy projects involving architectural acoustics, building noise control, building vibration control, and community noise assessment.

Curt has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1971) and a M.S. in Acoustics (1980) from Penn State.

Curt is an active member of AHRI Technical Committee on Sound; ASHRAE TC 2.6 on Sound and Vibration, where he is presently the Research Chair, and the Institute of Noise Control Engineers, where he served on the Board of Directors from 1989 through 1991.

Curt’s experience also extends to teaching. He was an instructor at Penn State’s Harrisburg Campus and Drexel University where he taught Engineering Noise Control and Architectural Acoustics classes.

Online or mgraybill@accu-aire.com or (717) 285-2228 ask for Mark Graybill
Deadline: Friday January 8, 2010

Chapter Members: $30.00
Non members: $40.00
Retired: $5.00

Special Instructions:

When you enter the Johnson Controls campus, off Richland Avenue, please park in the lot on your left. A security guard will be posted to direct you to the parking area and building entrance.

Please be aware that the following safety and security requirements will be in effect for the AHU Laboratory Tour:

    • Must be over 18-years of age.
    • No open shoes (toe or heel)
    • Everyone should be wearing long pants (no exposed skin)
    • Obey all instructions from your JCI host
    • No cameras.

Note to all Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs: Chapter Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs have standing reservations.  If you do not RSVP by the deadline, you will be billed for the fun time you missed.

09-10 Schedule (revised 11/25/09)

Date & Location Event
September 9 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg

Andy Persily presenting Standard 62.1 rate calculations ASHRAE IAQ Design Guide
October 14 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

PoolPak Technologies Tour
3491 Industrial Highway, York
Dinner @ Heritage Hills Conference Ctr
2700 Mt Rose Ave, York, PA 17402

PoolPak Facility Tour

Presentation: "Indoor Pool Considerations" by Charles Munchel

November 11 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg

Past Presidents/History Night

Grants & Incentives Federal, State & Utility
J. Michael Love, President & CEO of EAPA

November 16 - 8:30am-12:30pm

Sheraton Harrisburg Hereshey Hotel
4650 Lindle Road
Harrisburg, PA

Professional Development Seminar
Integrated Building Design

Seminar & Panel Discussion lead by
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer
Charles E. Gulledge III, PE, CSI, MAI

December 9 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg

"Cool Thermal Storage in the Era of Sustainability"

by: William P. Bahnfleth, Ph D, P.E.
ASHRAE VP, Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer

January 13 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Johnson Controls
631 S. Richland Ave, York

HIstory Night

Johnson Controls Air Lab tour

February 10 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg

Membership Promotion Night


March 19

Giant Center

Family Night

Hershey Bears Game

April 14 – 5:00pm-8:00pm

Appalachian Brewing Company
50 N. Cameron St, Harrisburg

Student Activities Night

Student Presentations


Carlisle SynTec
Carlisle, PA

Carlisle SynTec PV Tour
July 23

Armitage Golf Course
Camp Hill, PA

Annual Golf Event



Member News

The Chapter congratulates the following people who are new to ASHRAE membership:
  • Mr. Kurt Juergensen -- Leach Wallace Associates
  • Mr. Mark Miller -- JCI
  • Mr. Audie Spina -- Armstrong
  • Mr. Rajiv Karkhanis -- JCI
Society News

  • IAQ 2010 Examines Impact of HVAC on Airborne Infectious Disease
    December 17, 2009
    ATLANTA – The role of HVA&R in airborne infectious disease transmission, design and control strategies and technology, pandemic preparedness and airborne infection control will be examined at the IAQ 2010 conference sponsored by ASHRAE ...
  • Health Care Facility Ventilation Standard Incorporated into FGI Guidelines
    December 14, 2009
    ATLANTA – As a move toward a single consensus-based standard of care, a ventilation standard from ASHRAE and ASHE has been incorporated into the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities, copyrighted by the Facility Guidelines Institute and published by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) ...
  • Pilot Building Energy Labeling Program Launched by ASHRAE with Leading Owners, Designers
    December 8, 2009
    ATLANTA – A new program to inform building owners and operators, tenants and prospective buyers on the energy use of buildings, similar to a nutrition label on food or miles per gallon ratings on cars, was launched today to encourage the building industry to find ways to cut energy use and costs ...
  • ASHRAE Conference Goes Virtual
    December 2, 2009
    ATLANTA—ASHRAE’s Winter Conferences provide members and professionals in the HVAC&R industry with technical guidance, networking opportunities and access to the latest technology. For 2010, the Society will continue in this tradition with an additional new twist: The Conference is going virtual ...
  • National Building Energy Leaders Clarify Stimulus Act Funding
    December 1, 2009
    Washington, D.C. – A group of national building energy organizations – noted for their broad leadership role in national energy efficiency policy – have developed an explanatory statement for state and local governments to clarify the intent of Section 410 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and to offer assistance as states and localities adopt, provide training on and enforce advanced building energy efficiency codes ...

Interview with Tom Long

Tom Long

ASHRAE Central PA Past President (1984-85)

I recently sat down with Tom Long, ASHRAE Central PA Past President and Head of Mechanical Engineering at Gannett Fleming.

Tom grew up in Marietta, PA and now resides in Harrisburg with his wife, Gwen. Their two grown sons, Darren and Andrew, live far from home.

How did you get started in the business?

Tom started in the co-op program at Drexel University, working in the Borg-Warner test lab in York, PA. This co-op opportunity turned into his first industry job at York International (then owned by Borg-Warner). In the lab, he helped design test blocks for all the equipment they tested – including centrifugal chillers and absorption chillers. They were ARI test labs laid out to meet ARI conditions. York was also making automotive compressors at the time.

Seems like an interesting first job – but Tom was looking for something different. “I never thought much of product design engineering – seemed dull and boring to me.”

In 1971, Tom was drafted in the Army. He was assigned to work at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Aberdeen, MD, where he spent two years testing generator sets, military A/C units, and refrigerated trailers. With this equipment, he was involved in endurance and performance testing, sand tests and salt spray tests.

After his Army stint, he came back to York and got a job with Basco. “They were the first company I sent a resume to, and they sent me an offer!” Tom explains. “Basco was hiring anyone at the time.” This was his start into consulting engineering.

How did you get involved with ASHRAE?

“I thought ‘this is the technical organization that represents the interests of our industry, so I should join.’ I wish everyone felt that way!” Tom joined ASHRAE about 35 years ago. His major influences were Bob Lezzer, who was at CC Kottcamp at the time, Jack Shuegar, and Don Miller.

What roles have you held within ASHRAE?

  • Worked on several CRC Committees
  • Education Committee
  • Secretary
  • President

What role was best?

“The Education Committee. We’ve done some pretty good seminars that I think have been a benefit to people.” He mentions that others have been a big help in those efforts – including Tom McKay.

As President, “we had a CRC that year, as I recall, in Hershey. That was a good experience for everyone. That was also the year I opened up my own office. I had left Filson Minnich and Associates.” That was quite a busy year for Tom!

What influence has ASHRAE played in your career?

Tom speaks with confidence about the importance of ASHRAE. “The main thing is the opportunity to meet people and communicate with people and interact with people in the same industry so we can share mutual ideas and mutual headaches. ASHRAE is a tremendous resource for people in this business. And the research, publications and training seminars are a tremendous resource.”

Personal accomplishments in the industry?

Everyone knows that companies and individuals usually have to submit themselves in order to win awards. Tom certainly has a sense of modesty about his work, and has never been one to sing his own praises – let alone submit himself for awards. But he recalls some interesting projects he’s worked on.

“Gannett Fleming was a little ahead of their time [during his first tour of duty with the company]. Over 30 years ago, they designed a large heat recovery system that recovered waste heat from condenser water – using the system for space heating and domestic water demands.

Tom also recalls a Rossmoyne Business Park project in the mid 1980s. The site “has a water source heat pump system. In the middle of the building was a data processing center. We recovered a portion of the computer heat as the source for the WSHP loop. They never had to energize the electric boiler as supplemental heat.”

What jobs have you held over the years?

  • Borg-Warner
  • Basco
  • Gannett Fleming
  • Filson Minnich
  • His own business in Harrisburg, which he sold to Rettew Associates, where he stayed for three years.
  • Back to Gannett Fleming

About his own business, Tom says, “It went very well. You got to celebrate everything worth celebrating, but also put up with all the headaches. Once was a great experience, but I wouldn’t want to do it again.” During this time, Tom worked closely with AMP, as well as with architects in the area – including considerable time in Williamsport.

Who has influenced you?

“Lots of people. The first guy I worked for at York was a very good engineer, but not a people person. He taught me a lot about the right way to do things.”

About “life” influences, Tom mentions Jimmy Buffet with a smirk. His optimism, and the idea of growing older but not growing “up” appeal to Tom’s way of thinking. He also mentions his father. “He was a great guy.”

“Lots of people. They say everybody you meet has an impact on your life in some way – and sometimes on what not to do.”

What major events/milestones have you seen in the HVAC industry?

“Tremendous changes in technology, efficiency of equipment, changes in refrigerant, high efficiency boilers. Controls have changes tremendously over the years. The changes brought about by codes and standards have done a lot to change the way we design buildings.”

Tom goes on to talk in big-picture terms about where we’ve been and where we’re headed. “As far back as I remember, Europe was ahead of us as far as energy and energy-efficient systems. Energy is cheap here, so having energy-efficient buildings wasn’t a high priority. Americans are very demanding about the buildings we live in and work in. In Europe, some buildings are without A/C; if it gets too hot, you open a window. The question is: is all this sustainable over a period of time? We’re [finally] starting to address this.”

What do you think is coming in the future? How will things change?

“It’s all the same stuff. Just the components change,” says Tom. But he’ll still enjoy visiting ASHRAE shows and looking at new applications of equipment.

Do you have a favorite technology?

“The idea of dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) is a brilliant idea that someone should’ve thought of 40 years ago. Nothing new there, but tweaks to existing technology that can make a big difference on energy efficiency and air quality. An outstanding way to design a system, and to handle sensible loads in some areas – whether it’s a radiant panel system or VRF system.”

How will the role of HVAC engineers change?

“Contrary to what many said years ago, the world has not gone the design-build route – and even when it has, engineers have been involved.”

“Codes and standards have become a much bigger part of [what we do]. This puts more demand on engineers.”

Tom considers ways things could improve for engineers. “A better way is to get our heads together at the beginning, as opposed to [after] picking up drawings at the architect’s office.”

Anything you wish you’d done differently? Any advice for those just starting in the industry?

Tom laughs a little, and says, “I would’ve gone to medical school, or become a professional sailor.”

Then he says, “It’s a great profession. Something different every day.”

What are your Personal Goals and Interests?

Tom mentions his family, and explains how his two sons, ages 38 and 32, live in Montana and Atlanta. “My wife complains about how far they are. But I tell her one of the goals of parenting is to raise independent, productive, contributing members of society. From that standpoint, we were pretty successful.”

Tom enjoys bicycling with his wife, particularly on rail trails. He reads a lot – on a variety of topics. He also discusses his 31’ boat – he’s co-owned and operated for 20 years. He enjoys time sailing in the Chesapeake Bay.

Clearly passionate about sailing, Tom says, “I hope to do more of that.”

Tom would like to hit the 100 year mark someday, and to retire. “I hope the latter comes first!” Tom jokes.

If you enjoy life like Tom does, that’s a great goal to have!

Andrew Odell

December, 2009

Upcoming Events

2010 Winter Meeting