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Membership Appreciation Night! 

September 27th, 2017

Meeting Schedule

05:00-06:00 PM Social/Networking Hour
06:00-06:30 PM Dinner served
Chapter business/announcements
06:45-07:45 PM Presentation

The Central Pennsylvania Chapter of ASHRAE kicks off the year on September 27, 2017! We will begin what we hope to be a great year with Membership Appreciation Night! We're so glad to have you back. We are bringing in an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer for the occasion, so don’t miss out! Please see the Central PA ASHRAE website for soon to come registration details.

Max Sherman, Ph.D. comes from the Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory in Berkeley, CA to present on the serious side of Duct Tape.
Dr. Duct Tape
The serious side of duct tape is that duct leakage, especially in homes, can waste 20-40% of the energy that goes through the ducts. The study of duct leakage led to the finding that duct tape does not work on ducts. This talk will examine that research, but also entertain the lighter side with the story of one researcher’s “15 minutes of fame” that results when a serious piece of work catches the fancy of the popular press. Read bio.

Online Meeting Registration and Payment or contact Lindsey King, e-mail, phone (717) 771-7490. (please include name, company and telephone number).

Registration deadline is Friday September 22, 3pm.

Cost Structure

Member Status "Pre" Registered "At the Door"
Cash/Check CC/paypal
Chapter Member $30 $32 $35
Non Member $40 $42 $45
Retired Member $5
Students $5

Payment by credit/debit card and PayPal will be accepted through the online form. Only cash and checks will be accepted "at the door".

The chapter makes every effort to keep meeting fees as low as possible for our members and guests while still delivering a quality event. Anyone who makes a reservation and does not cancel in advance of the deadline will be assessed the full meeting fee.

ACE Mini Golf Information

ACE Mentoring program – a program for mentoring high school students in the principles of Architecture, Construction, and Engineering. Contact Bryan Edwards at or 717.763.7212 x2776 for your opportunity to help. Learn More.

Central PA Engineers Council - Please consider supporting the CPEW Council. Our chapter does.

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2017-2018 Meeting Schedule

The Central PA Chapter 2017 program schedule is listed below. Please mark your calendars! Dates and topics will be updated as the information becomes available.

September 27, 2017 -
Dr. Duct Tape

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